Vendor Spotlight: Korah Klub

Some of you already know about our wonderful student-led club at school called Korah Klub, who have a heart for helping the people of Korah, Ethiopia.    They will be back with us again to fundraise for the people of Korah, Ethiopia.  Along with helping Korah they are partnering with another ministry ​called “Threads of Hope” who help families in the Philippines.  At-risk families in the Philippines make the bracelets and lanyards that will be for sale at the Korah Klub booth.  Half of the profits go back to the Philippines for the families and the other half will go to Korah, Ethiopia.  The club members are also making Christmas crafts to sell and will also have a raffle item you can purchase tickets for a chance to win. As always, these students also cheerfully accept donations for Korah, Ethiopia.

Here is a little more about this wonderful group:

Korah Club is a student-led club of middle and high school students with hearts and passion to serve! Their goal is to share Jesus and spread hope to  the brothers and sisters in Korah, Ethiopia. Korah was begun as a leper colony and has grown to about 130,000 men, women, and children, who live in wretched conditions in the area of a garbage dump, where many survive by foraging through the dump for food and items to use or sell. CCS became aquainted with Korah, Ethiopia through a family whose children went to CCS. Rick and Cherrie Cornish and their daughter and son-in-law Berhanu have done much to support the people of Korah and also partner with Hope for Korah.

Club members  currently work with Hope for Korah, a Christian ministry in Canada. The director, Eve Pohl, has a heart to bring Christ, hope and independent living to the residents of Korah.  We support the Income Generation Project by sponsoring a family for two years with prayers, food, medical attention, housing, schooling and clothing for the mom and family, while the mom learns a trade as well as the hope of Christ.

 Another program is the Brother,Sister, Friend penpal program. Our club members correspond with and send small gifts and money for a party to children in Korah. Depending on the greatest needs in Korah , the club raises money for the needs, such as baby formula for mothers with AIDS,needed medical supplies, special feeding programs for malnourished children, to name a few.

For more information,  please visit and stop by their booth at the Crosshill Christian School Bazaar or watch this video.


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